Splendor, Splendor

As we backpacked and “roughed it” across Europe we had the subtle notion in the back of our minds that soon enough, we would be in Doha, Qatar for 2.5 splendidly splendorous days of pampered bliss. We were booked at the W in West Bay in a corner suite, in one of the world’s wealthiest per capita nations. And we took full advantage of all the perks of hotel living: decadent breakfasts punctuated by pastries and melon smoothies, free snacks in the VIP lounge, complimentary drinks in the Crystal Lounge, sinking into the world’s comfiest beds, and tuning out the world with comedy movies in suite.

As a major early birthday surprise, Lee also treated me to a fancy massage at Bliss Spa in the hotel! I was so shocked (I thought we were just wondering around the hotel checking out all the “sites”), that after Lee said “Room 714 is here to check in for her massage”, I turned bright red, spat out “What?!” and was then briskly whisked away with a “Don’t worry, we will take care of you”. It was other-worldly, especially after carrying life on my shoulders for the past few months and most recently working so hard on the farm. The sauna and waterfall shower afterwards was just icing on the cake! Thank you to my wonderful boyfriend who never ceases to surprise me!

Since Doha was our mental break from the rush and go of travel, we did not step foot outside of the doors for a single tourist activity. We did watch the world spin by in the lobby, with men floating through in majestic white thawbs telling stories of dessert heat stroke amongst beautiful blooming orchids and diffuse light shining down from a sea of blue orbs.

We are now fully re-charged and ready to take on Asia; Nepal here we come!

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