Life in a Bag

Soil and Thread
Below is a list of everything I will be carrying on our trip.  Seems quite a lengthy list, but it all fits in my wildly small backpack  and the few indulgent items (ahem, harmonica) will keep us well entertained along the way.

1 deuter backpack with rain cover
1 canvas day bag
1 travel sleep sheet
1 camping pad
1 camelback water pouch
2 dresses
3 shirts
2 skirts
1 pair of shorts
1 pair of pants
1 long sleeve cardigan
1 rain jacket with hood
1 scarf
1 lace belt
3 pairs of socks
5 underwear
2 bras
1 hat
1 pair of sandals
1 pair of walking/hiking shoes
1 large bag of medications
2 pairs of glasses with cases
1 pair of sunglasses with case
2 small refillable bottles (1 for shampoo, 1 for facewash)
1 drylite towel
1 toothbrush
1 deodorant
1 sunscreen
1 hand sanitizer
1 sewing kit
2 cameras (big Nikon DSLR + waterproof Canon)
1 Nook Color in leatherette case
1 bag with all electronic wires and extra memory cards
1 set of international electrical outlet converters
1 large Gorillapod tripod
1 head light
1 set of binoculars
1 survival whistle
3 books (Nikon handbook, 100 Best Loved Poems, and Songs for the Open Road)
1 watch
1 bronze bracelet
1 document pouch for all important papers
1 safety travel pouch
1 organizational pouch
1 handful of ziploc bags
1 sketchbook/journal
1 set of watercolor pencils (12 in total)
2 paintbrushes
1 pen
1 glue stick
1 harmonica

Soil and Thread
Among other things, very similar to my list, Lee will be carrying our 3 pound backpackers tent, an iPhone, and a compass.


  1. It was great to see Lee on his last night in Texas. Hopefully by now his test is finished and he will head to CT! You didn’t list pj’s or a pillow. Even a blow u

    1. I know Lee was so happy to see you all as well! And now have his test complete!
      I will have to repurpose “day clothes” for pajamas due to space constraints! But will add a pillow case to my bag, thanks for the reminder! Then when a pillow is needed, I can stuff the case with unused clothes. A whole new way of living… 🙂

  2. The thrills of packing/decisions, decisions/adding/ removing/adding again. Not to mention unpacking enroute to the airport tent stakes and any other “pointy” objects. Love, Love, Love, xoxoxoxox

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