Au revoir Nouvelle-Orléans!

Soil and Thread

The last few weeks have been spent celebrating this great city and all of our fabulous friends!  From barbeques to drinks at Bouligny Tavern to jazz at Preservation Hall and a taste of it all at Bacchanal for our big Bon Voyage – it has been a blast! Thank you to all of our friends who make living in New Orleans that much more wonderful.

Soil and Thread

Soil and Thread

And now our 4 day extended road trip from New Orleans to Connecticut with our Newfoundland: Jelly Roll, cat: Marmalade, tortoise: Satchmo, and all our belongings, along with a boat is upon us.

Soil and Thread

We’re gonna miss you when we’re gone! (just a minor tweak in lyrics, but I always like to improvise those anyway!)


  1. Safe journey up to New England! We are anxiously waiting your arrival! Bring ’em on home baby!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

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