Excitement Abounds

Soil and Thread

Months of planning. Excel sheets. Comparison shopping. Endless phone calls, e-mails, voicemails. Then, GOLD.

I hung up the phone after purchasing our tickets and was beaming. Lee had already left the room after hours of revising plans, hunting down the right bank card, extending my usual purchasing limit, and reviewing the details one last time.

We had to celebrate together! I put on the best traveling song I could think of and started the most enthusiastic jumping march, with Jelly Roll quickly following in tow. Upon finding Lee and making our boisterous, beaming entrance…he surprised us with an angled bottle of champagne and the cheer-enducing POP! of the cork flying out of the bottle and through the air. We danced in a circle, holding our champagne glass above our heads and shouting “I would walk 500 hundred miles…Dah Dah Dah!!!”

Here’s to taking flight!

Soil and Thread

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