Soil. Thread. And The Whole Wide World Ahead.

Our year of travel is about to begin. One backpack, a few threads of clothing, lots of love, and unknown soils await.

I’ve had a love for travel ever since I was a little girl, boarding planes and taking 17 hour car rides with my brother, sister, and mom and dad.  Those young travel experiences sparked a curiosity and hunger to see more, experience more, understand more. Who were these people? Where did they find love and inspiration? What mattered most to them?

After years of wondering, I decided to turn the beautiful thought of a long journey through foreign lands into reality. Lee was 100% on board and we immediately started planning for a year that should prove to be unforgettable.


  1. I can’t wait to read about every stop, every adventure and all the experiences you encounter. I love you little sister – be safe and make sure you eat chocolate at every stop!

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