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Au revoir Nouvelle-Orléans!

The last few weeks have been spent celebrating this great city and all of our fabulous friends!  From barbeques to drinks at Bouligny Tavern to jazz at Preservation Hall and a taste of it all at Bacchanal for our big Bon Voyage – it has been a blast! Thank you to all of our friends who make living in New Orleans that much more wonderful.

Soil and Thread

Soil and Thread

And now our 4 day extended road trip from New Orleans to Connecticut with our Newfoundland: Jelly Roll, cat: Marmalade, tortoise: Satchmo, and all our belongings, along with a boat is upon us.

Soil and Thread

We’re gonna miss you when we’re gone! (just a minor tweak in lyrics, but I always like to improvise those anyway!)

3 replies on “Au revoir Nouvelle-Orléans!”

Safe journey up to New England! We are anxiously waiting your arrival! Bring ’em on home baby!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

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